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We work hard to provide all customers with excellent service at competitive prices. When you need a professional repair solution, trust the team at Happy Home Service Center. Take a look at our services to learn more.


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Washing Machine

It is interesting that the complexity of this device is not that different from the complexity of many other machines. The repair work for this device can be done by following the same procedure as it would be for any other machine with similar process....


Air Conditioner (AC)

Air conditioners are the perfect example of how technology is constantly improving the way we live. Technology in this case not only means an air conditioner but also the process of repairing it.

Air Conditioning Repair Tools ...



Refrigerators are part of the kitchen appliances that are prone to breakages. One of the most common types is compressor failure...


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Vijayawada Service Center is a home service company that provides assistance with repairs and general service. They are well known for their exceptional customer service and use a Happy Home Service Center to help customers navigate their services.

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